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‘Reduce your carbon footprint by buying low carbon goods and services’ says the think tank carbon focus - Plumline can help in this respect.

Plumline Bespoke Joinery have always taken their responsibilities to recycling and the environment very seriously. For many years we have had a recycling programme in place.

We have now taken our commitment a step further with a large investment on a brand new waste recycling plant to work with our existing dust extraction unit. Not only will this new system burn all our current waste it will heat the factory and offices 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

This new plant fully complies with the clean air regulations and has reduced our landfill waste to an absolute minimum, therefore our products carbon footprint has been significantly reduced.

We have facility for recycling our plastic and metal waste product which we work very closely with our suppliers.

Plumline also purchase sheet materials from FSC (forestry stewardship council) renewable source suppliers only, therefore any equipment ordered will be replenished under the strict guidelines of the FSC.

If you would like to take advantage of our new recycling plant and return your old counters (at extra cost) then dicuss this with sales at the time of ordering.


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